Parking Space Rule Enforcement

Posted By on October 21, 2019

This is a friendly reminder to all of our residents to be sure you park in your own space and that your vehicle fits within the painted lines. We have seen an increase of vehicles in the garage so it is imperative that everyone follow these rules in order to ensure residents can safely get in and out of their parking spaces; these rules will be enforced by the Association. Per the Rules & Regulations

“Vehicles are not to extend beyond the boundaries of the marked space.

Any vehicle wrongfully parked in any resident’s reserved parking space, or any vehicle that is parked in an unauthorized or un-designated location, may be towed away at the violator’s expense. The resident is responsible to request towing services. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU CALL FOR A TOW TRUCK, YOU MUST REQUEST A TRUCK THAT DOES NOT EXCEED THE HEIGHT RESTRICTION OF 6’ 10”. “


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